Enabling sustainable packaging development

To date, bioplastics play a minor role in packaging. Partly because they lacked functionality, cost much more than conventional plastics, and often are only available small quantities. With our GuiltfreePlastics®, a functional bioplastic, and our disruptive business model of licensing production, we offer a solution to overcome this conundrum.

GuiltfreePlastics® are characterised by offering:

  1. Functionalities
  2. Competitive cost base
  3. Reliable + scalable supply

To fast-track the packaging development, we invested in an industrial-scale bioplastics application centre, located in Figueira da Foz (Portugal). With a focus on flexible packaging, we installed state-of-the-art machines from some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. Within this secure environment, we can produce specific compounds, blow multi-layer films, perform mono-directional orientation, print 6-colour high-quality images, and test sealability on conversion lines. We make this facility available to selected brand owners, who share our vision for sustainable packaging.

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Most bioplastics available in the market have limited functionalities – that’s why to date the biggest markets for bioplastics are bags of all kinds, including garbage, shopping, and vegetable bags. Our GuiltfreePlastics® are a next-gen starch-based bioplastic, which – in addition to being up to 90% bio-based and 100% biodegradable – has functional properties. This makes it ideal for the current bioplastic applications but also – more importantly enables the packaging development of more sustainable solutions and helps brand owners to meet their targets.

Products features:

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To date, higher cost, sometimes up to 10x more, has been the biggest hindrance for the success of bioplastics. The industry had to rely on lobbying to create markets. As a result, several countries have made biodegradability compulsory for certain applications, such as such as garbage, shopping, and – now – vegetable bags. These laws made it possible to sell despite the higher costs. Our BIOPAR® PG range is up to 20% less expensive than comparable products but still 2.3x more expensive than polyethylene. In the case of complex packaging, our GuiltfreePlastics® start to shine: Depending on the barrier requirements, films made with our product cost the same or only demand a premium of up to 20%. But instead of conventional multi-layer barrier films, films made with our products are 100% recyclable – both post-industrial as well as post-consumer.

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Today, the bioplastics’ supply landscape is rather fragmented. There is a multitude of different types of bioplastics in the market, of which only small quantities from a single supplier are available. By licensing our BIOPAR® Technology to compounders around the world, we create a supply platform that not only allows multi-sourcing but is also highly scalable and reliable.


To ensure a steady supply, we have created strategic partnerships with raw material suppliers in the area of starch, biodegradable co-polymers, as well as plasticisers. Our Licensees benefit from competitive prices thanks bundled sourcing agreements.


Our green chemical plant, located in Figueira da Foz (Portugal), supports an annual production of up to 300,000t of GuiltfreePlastics®. And by licensing the production of GuiltfreePlastics®, supply can be scaled-up rather quickly.

Looking for sustainable packaging?

Learn more about our application centre or contact us directly.

Looking for sustainable packaging?

Learn more about our application centre or contact us directly.

Carlos Ramalho
Sales Manager