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press release: 10 May 2017
GuiltfreePlastics® showcased
at Reifenhäuser OpenHouse

We’re proud to be Reifenhäuser Blown Film’s bioplastics partner, and as part of our cooperation, GuiltfreePlastics® were showcased at Reifenhäuser’s recent OpenHouse on 8 May 2017. As Eugen Friedel, Senior Sales Manager at Reifenhäuser Blown Film puts it: Biomaterials are no longer just a trend anymore, but are establishing themselves in many applications as viable alternatives.”

Our GuiltfreePlastics®, a next gen starch-based bioplastics, are the most stretchable bioplastic available in the market. Leveraging Reifenhäuser’s innovative Evo Ultra Stretch, we already successfully stretched the film 1:6, while on the day of OpenHouse we stretched with a ratio of 1:2.5.

“We chose a Reifenhäuser 3-layer COEX extrusion line with Evo Ultra Stretch for our BIOPAR® Innovation Centre for two reasons: 1.) The cold running extruders create a very homogenous melt, and 2.) Stretching bioplastics with Reifenhäusers’ Evo Ultra Stretch opens new applications for bioplastics.”, explains Marc-Henry de Jong, Chief Commercial Officer of United Biopolymers. He continued: “Our GuiltfreePlastics® have hardly any neck-in, and stretching the film improves its mechanical properties, increases the film’s transparency, and allows also significant down-gauging – therefore ultimately reducing the costs for converters.”

100 participants from 27+ countries taking the time to attend the OpenHouse reflects Reifenhäuser’s attractiveness due to them continuously “Setting new standards in film blowing” and the strong market interest in bioplastics, such us our GuiltfreePlastics®.


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