Goals and expected results

The WP Biomaterials will be led Amorim Cork Composites (ACC), a global leader of the cork industry, renowned in the global market for its constant search for incorporating innovative biological materials in its products, as a strategic approach to the increasingly demanding requirements of markets. In line with this strategy, ACC will research and develop, together with its partners in this Agenda, new marine-based biomaterials will replace the current fossil fuel-based synthetic products used, but also potentially enhance the lifecycle and properties of cork composites. Furthermore, in cooperation with TMG Automotive, these solutions and its application will be tested in the context of the automotive industry, as potential alternatives to polymers-based materials in extruded films, used in automobile parts. TMG Automotive will play an important role both as an Industrial Test bed and as an End-User, embedding the solution in the automotive industry, in a joint effort with other companies with extensive knowledge on technology and marine bioresources, including Biotrend, A4F, United Biopolymers and Sirplaste. Lastly, the technical and scientific skills of the aforementioned partners will be complemented by the support of relevant NBE (to form a complete Consortium), including PIEP, UMinho, UNL, UA, IST, in the development, optimization and validation of new formulations (and of the productive process itself) at the laboratory scale.


Project Sheet