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press release: 21 April 2016
A 21st century brand,
for a company with growth ambitions

At United Biopolymers, S.A. we inherited our sister company’s brand when we were created in Feb 2015. The original brand identity was developed in 2011, and both companies have since then outgrown it.

That’s why we engaged Article10, a renowned London-based branding agency, to help us evolve our brand. First we worked on values that would stretch across both companies. After a couple of weeks, we came up with the following brand story:

  • It all starts with us being knowledgeable in what we do – whether in our resins or bioplastics plastic business.
  • We do think in an agile manner, allowing us to respond to our customers’ needs quickly.
  • We’re a vigorous group of companies, which means that we are resilient, eager to grow, and to make a change in the industries we operate in.
  • To date, we have been a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers, employees, and local community alike.
  • We treat everybody fair and square – an indication of our interest in long-term relationships.
With the values settled, we worked on a new brand identity. Our new logo visualises our professionalism, growth ambitions, and values. It sums it up through:
  • It’s hexagonal shape capturing perfectly the idea that everything we do involves chemistry;
  • The triangular shards giving our logo not only a modern look, but also express our dynamism and forward thinking;
  • The sweeping ‘U’ sitting at the heart of our logo, linking back to our previous logo and acting as signature of “United”.

Each of the companies within our Group has it’s own distinct signature colour and colour palette:

  • Aqua blue for United Group, which underpins visually the trustworthiness of our group of companies;
  • Amber orange for United Resins, which not only reminds us of gum rosin derivatives but also the team’s creativity;
  • Natural green for United Biopolymers, which underpins the green value proposition of our starch-based bioplastics.

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll notice some changes. Our new brand will appear on a relaunched website, our marketing material, stationary, and other company communications. There are even rumours that the new logos will appear in flags and even our buildings.


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Marc-Henry de Jong, 
Chief Commercial Officer